Bengal Tigers inspired from KKR

In the first three years of Celebrity Cricket League Bengal Tigers from Tollywood did not produce any respectable result or showcasing their talent. Now the Bony Kapoor and Sridevi owned Bengal Tigers are focussing on the fourth edition of CCL which are going to be held on January next year. For that purpose Tigers started their first practice. On Sunday morning Coach Sushil Shikaria and his team had a short practice session at Ashok Malhotra Cricket Academy Ground at Lake Gardens. First days practice mostly limited to trial session where new talent uses their strength. Bengal Tigers Captain Actor Jishu Sengupta, Dev, Gaurav and most of the first-team-player were not present in the practice.Bengal Tigers Coach Sushil Shikaria said,’This was not a mandatory practice session. It was basically a trial for the junior and newcomer.We will start full fledged practice within a week.Our team’s core-group is ready so hope to get much better result this time now. One of the most dependable player in the Bengal Tigers team is cine-star Rahul who said,’First two years of the CCL we were not organised team as such but last year we did pretty well in the tournament.This time we all are confident to do well and we are just focussing on to the trophy.’ Tollywood Actor added,”If KKR can proved themselves after consecutive three year’s of failure then why not we can do.” Confident Bengali film Actor said after the practice.

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